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journey to the cross

journey to the cross Two planks of wood. A few nails. One of the simplest carpentry projects an amateur could make. A cross. And yet one of the most beautiful and powerful symbols of freedom, forgiveness, and redemption. For on a cross, our Savior paid the ultimate sacrifice to bring us back to himself. And that’s what we celebrate this week as we journey toward Easter. Of course, as Christ’s followers we...

Choosing Less

Choosing Less Our culture values more. Bigger. Faster. Better. Media and marketing groom us to believe that we deserve more, we’re worth indulging in, we should get as much as we can–as soon as possible… and we’re trained to believe this even from a young age, as this funny commercial shows: If there’s anything that’s at odds with our cultural values, it’s choosing...

getaways (part 5): coming alongside

getaways (part 5): coming alongside It probably comes as no surprise to us that Jesus’ getaways gave him time for rest, prayer, and re-aligning with the heart of his Father (although putting that into practice is another thing). But the fourth reason for his getaways may be a little less obvious. Perhaps that’s because we as western individualists think of getaways as simply being alone. For Jesus, that was sometimes...

getaways (part 4): a time to align

getaways (part 4): a time to align I don’t know how you feel about new year’s resolutions. I know a lot of times there can be good intentions followed by a lot of guilt when we fail to follow through. It’s easier to dream big than to carry it out. However, I’ve come to appreciate the new year as a chance to realign. I always try to schedule some time with God to reflect on how many of the previous goals I...

getaways (part 3): finding rest

getaways (part 3): finding rest Christmas is my favorite time of year! Stringing lights, baking cookies, shopping for gifts, hosting parties, enjoying the freshly fallen snow–I love all of it! But there’s no question that it’s also a busy time of year. With the crunch to get everything done before the holidays and the way the weekends and evenings quickly fill with get-togethers, it can wind up being a...

getaways (part 2): unhurried prayer

getaways (part 2): unhurried prayer We saw last month that Jesus planned getaways at least 21 times in his 3.5 years of ministry. This was an important part of his rhythm of rest, but there were other purposes for Jesus’ getaways, too–one of which was prayer. Of course, you can pray on the go, and it’s infinitely valuable to do so: to breathe a quick prayer before starting a difficult conversation or when you...

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