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the trailhead (part 4): the power of life & death

the trailhead (part 4): the power of life & death Words. They so easily slip off the tongue, sometimes before we realize we’re really thinking them. They can be used to convey information, make jokes, express love, bring encouragement… or, according to Proverbs, bring death: “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (18:21). I hope that stops us in our tracks. So much power...

the trailhead (part 3): clenched fists vs open hands

the trailhead (part 3): clenched fists vs open hands Who is the most generous person you know? How do they show it? I think it’s interesting to ponder this question because, of course, I don’t have access to anyone else’s bank statements. I don’t know who’s giving the most money or the largest percentage or any of that. But it’s pretty easy to see who has a generous mindset. We likely all know people who are...

the trailhead (part 2): breaking a sweat vs hitting snooze

the trailhead (part 2): breaking a sweat vs hitting snooze Ah, summer. The very word conjures up images of sitting by the pool with lemonade and sunglasses, a leisurely game of frisbee with friends, or vacationing with family. It has to be the most restful of seasons, a well-deserved break after 9 months of school. But it can also be an excuse to be lazy. With no alarm clock for school, what’s to keep you from sleeping in until noon? And without...

the trailhead (part 1): wisdom

the trailhead (part 1): wisdom One of my favorite activities in the summer is hiking. Set me out on the trails of some national park in the mountains and I am a happy camper! The sound of brush crunching under hiking boots and wind blowing through the pine trees, the fresh mountain air, and the breathtaking views–that’s pretty close to Heaven for me. There are lots of choices to make when you’re hiking. Every...

journey to the cross

journey to the cross Two planks of wood. A few nails. One of the simplest carpentry projects an amateur could make. A cross. And yet one of the most beautiful and powerful symbols of freedom, forgiveness, and redemption. For on a cross, our Savior paid the ultimate sacrifice to bring us back to himself. And that’s what we celebrate this week as we journey toward Easter. Of course, as Christ’s followers we...

choosing less

choosing less Our culture values more. Bigger. Faster. Better. Media and marketing groom us to believe that we deserve more, we’re worth indulging in, we should get as much as we can–as soon as possible… and we’re trained to believe this even from a young age, as this funny commercial shows: If there’s anything that’s at odds with our cultural values, it’s choosing...

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